June 1, 2008

Greetings from the goats of Dos Sequoias Farm. They are glad that goat is not on the menu at the CSA.

We did lots more cooking with our piles of produce from the CSA and the farmers market this week. I made a cobbler with biscuit dough that was so unfortunate that it doesn't even rate a picture. Basically it looked good on top, but never cooked through. We ended up peeling the top part off and cooking the rest even longer. I need to remember that inprovisation is much riskier in baking than in cooking.

Pasta is always good, so we made one with asparagus and shiitake mushrooms and the Willamete Valley aged fontina from the Beaverton Market. How could it not be good?

The CSA box was very green again with 2 pounds of spinach and lots more lettuce and ...bok choy. The few bits of color were provided by radishes and garlic chive flowers.

Our first attempt to make a dent in the spinach stash was enchilada casserole with green sauce, black beans, and jack cheese. The huge piles of spinach cooked way down and it made great leftovers for days. Did I mention that we paired it with a salad, as usual?

As greedy for local produce as we are, we went to the Portland Farmers Market too. We were in search of non-green items to diversify our diet a bit. Andie the dog had fun eating random stuff off the ground and we enjoyed the sunshine as we worked our way through the crowds.

We bought so much good stuff including the first artichokes of the season, and luckily we had company Saturday and Sunday to help us enjoy it all.

Greta visited on Saturday, and we dug out some frozen marionberry puree and made amazing cocktails that Max compared to "arterial blood." Coming soon to a martini bar near you. We drank them with pesto pizza that we made with basil, walnuts, mushrooms, and garlic from the market. If you think we had salad too, you're right.

Tonight we had our friends Beth and Ron over for dinner and Max made an amazing asparagus risotto with spinach and fontina cheese. We also had the requisite salad, but this time I made a lemon vinaigrette. It's always more fun to share your time-consuming recipes with others. I swear that every single bowl and pan in the kitchen was dirty.
This coming week, we will do something with all the rest of the good stuff crowding up our fridge.

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