May 21, 2008

Salad anyone?

Seriously, does anyone have a good recipe for salad dressing?

Today was the very first day of our Abundant Harvest CSA. I was looking forward to it all day, and had to try hard to not run down there at 3:00 when it opened. Max and I drove a few miles north to the farm and met our new farmer friends, Steve and Mish. They had warned us that the farm was starting up slowly due to the crazy cold weather that we'd had, but now I think they were sandbagging.

We got a huge pile of everything green. Here's the breakdown:
2 big bags (really big) of lettuce mix
1 bag of mixed greens like kale and chard and little flowery things
3 bok choys
crinkly wrinkly cress ( I didn't make that up)
chocolate mint

It was fun to pick it all out and weigh it and see the place that it came from and met the people who grew it. I can't wait to go back every week and see what's new.

Confronted with a huge pile of green stuff, Max and I made burritos with pinto beans, kale, chard and Tillamook sharp cheddar with a big salad with oregano and shallot dressing. We will be eating salads aplenty for the next week, and I feel like summer might actually come.

Later this week we'll make pizza with arugula, a frittata with greens, asian stir-fry, and probably more salads.

Max has his own take on the farm here.

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