April 15, 2008

April showers bring cauliflowers

I saw the pretty cauliflowers at the market on Saturday and wanted to try making something with one. My first idea was a recipe called cauliflower cheese. Turns out it's just cauliflower and cheese, not exactly a well-rounded meal. Luckily Debbie (Deborah Madison, cookbook author) had a great recipe for pasta salad with cauliflower, sundried tomatoes, and a shallot-mustard vinaigrette. We decided to add in some leftover watercress and spinach and blue cheese crumbles. It was great as dinner and in cold lunch. The pasta was whole wheat, but with all that yummy stuff on it, I couldn't even tell.

Tonight we used our cheese, leek, and potatoes from the market, as well as these great brown eggs that someone sells at work to make a stellar fritatta. Our fritatta secret is this silicone quiche pan that you bake in the oven. We used to do fritattas in a frying pan, but none of our pans were broiler-safe and they would cook unevenly. Nothing worse than sitting down to a meal when you are still swearing about it. Now, all is happy in Fritatta Land.

While preparing dinner tonight, we found our forgotten broccoli rabe. Time has not been kind to it. Oops. Watch this space for what we end up doing with the stuff.

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Greta said...

wow, whoever gave you that silicone baking dish for your wedding must be awesome.