April 22, 2008

Beananza-get it?

We had beans two ways for dinner tonight. (Insert bean joke here)
We made a salad with local beans, parsley, and radishes, topped with olives and capers. We served it on lettuce and ate it with warm tortillas. It turned out great. I am waiting for global warming to bring some olives up to Oregon. Bean #2 was a jar of spicy dill pickled green beans that we made last summer according to my grandmother's recipe. They are amazingly crunchy after many months in a jar. Last year we spent a lot of time and energy and ended up with a whole 4 jars. This year I want to can a huge batch.

Last night we used the "Chinese Broccoli", which seems to be a lot like broccoli rabe, in a pasta with chili flakes, garlic, and random leftover cheeses. At the end, you squeeze a little lemon on top. Credit for the recipe goes to Debbie again. Orecchiette pasta is shaped like little ears and is cute and tasty. I think pasta dishes are great for broccoli rabe because their bitterness gets balanced out. Having a bunch of it alone can taste too strong.

Tomorrow: Panini

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Greta said...

too bad you guys can't get any cross ventilation in your apartment, there, your bean joke.