April 5, 2008

Opening day

This morning was cool but not rainy, so it was perfect spring farmers' market weather. I was expecting some baby plants and a few rhubarb stalks, but I was amazed by the diversity of produce and other products for sale. We found lots of great veggies for soup that we'll make tonight and eat with a loaf of rosemary bread. I was really excited to find a brie-like sheep cheese from Ancient Heritage Dairy.

We decided to experiment with some French Breakfast radishes. I don't know if we'll really eat them for breakfast, but it should be fun. I'll try anything that is customarily eaten with butter and salt.

I decided not to get any of the greenhouse tomatoes that we saw at the market. They just depress me and make me miss real summer tomatoes even more.

Now that I can buy small carrots with dirt still on them, it really feels like spring. I loved being out under the trees in the park blocks with all the other people with their re-usable bags. Only a month and a half until the market at Orenco opens. Sigh.

The dog had a pretty good time at the market, but it was probably the most crowded place we have ever taken her, so she was looking a little nervous by the end. She was especially interested in the stalls where people were cooking meat.

Lunch was at Hot Lips Pizza, which we LOVE and miss greatly since it left Raleigh Hills. I tried a yummy slice that had broccoli, cheddar, squash and hazelnuts. Better than it sounds, really.

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Greta said...

Wow looks like you guys found a bounty of booty! Happy Birthday, continued.