April 17, 2008

Coming soon to a dinner table near you

Today Max went to my grandparents' house and scouted the "back forty" where the yearly garden will be planted as soon as the ground is dry enough to be tilled. We were inspired to buy some kale and garlic starts to plant along the edges of our allotted garden bed. Baby plants are the cutest. We also picked up bean, pea, lettuce, basil, and squash seeds. We'll start them on the deck in whatever random containers we can find and then transplant them when the garden is ready. We can't grow much to full size on the deck, since it gets about as much sun as my belly. (Not a lot.)

As for the forgotten broccoli rabe, its flowers opened and it got a bit yellow. Perhaps it was punishing us for our neglect. Max cooked up the good parts, and we dressed it with a lemon-shallot vinaigrette. It was really bitter, which hopefully didn't mean that it had turned poisonous. Still tasty, though, in an elderly cruciferous vegetable kind of way.

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Greta said...

i've left myself a note to check on you both tomorrow, to make sure you are still kicking after eating sketchy broccoli. it's in the planner, it's going to happen