April 29, 2008

Green dinner

Tonight we used the pesto from our local basil to make some risotto that was wonderful buttery goodness. I know that one local ingredient is a bit of a cop out, but it had been awhile since I posted and it was so darn good. We used the recipe for basic risotto from Heidi Swanson's book, but we substituted homemade stock for water. Heidi is no relation to me, though we share the same last name. We do both look quite Swedish with our chubby cheeks and big foreheads.

For dessert we used up more of the frozen strawberries (the gift that keeps on giving) on some lemon poppyseed bread from the Upper Crust Bakery. The cute little old lady that makes it comes to give out samples at New Seasons sometimes and I can never resist. It comes in all kinds of great flavors and it's made in Lake Oswego.

I swear I will update more regularly once we start getting our CSA produce. Right now we are trying, but only so much of the stuff at New Seasons is local. We missed our weekly market trip this weekend since we went to the beach instead. Since I don't eat fish or mussels, there wasn't much local stuff to eat there. Enough excuses.

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